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Digital Marketing in Europe

Market Expansion Consulting Europe

Opportunities and challenges entering the European market

When planning to expand your business into Europe, it is imperative to collect all critical data necessary before creating and executing a market entry solution.

Entering the European market offers your company an opportunity to significantly grow your business. The European Union alone generated a combined GDP of approximately 16 trillion Euros in 2022. The European economy powerhouse Germany itself contributed around 4.5 trillion Euros to the total amount. The economic and political stability and strength, well-educated employees and leading infrastructure are convincing factors why international companies are expanding their business into Europe. However, there are undeniable obstacles to overcome as well.

Even though the European Union is legally considered as one single market, each country has its own cultural heritage and language. In order to succeed one must be aware of the fine nuances in the different business cultures and the consumer behaviors among the European countries.

Market analysis for the European market

We prepare for your company a market analysis to reveal key factors such as market size, major competitors by region, sales channels in place, price structure, required product certificates and additional applicable market information. Research is done by primary and secondary data collection. The following relevant market entry questions are being addressed and answered:

  • Is your product and service suitable for the market?  potential analysis
  • What is the best price structure to succeed in the new market?  price strategy
  • Who are your key target customers?  market segmentation
  • Does your USP apply in the target countries? Or does the USP need to be locally adapted?
  • Which are the most relevant and promising sales channels to activate?
  • Are there any legal challenges regarding the products and services provided?

European market entry strategy

Once we have been completely informed about your company’s objectives, products and services, brand and corporate culture and we have finished collecting all relevant information through our primary and secondary data research, we start working on a customized market entry strategy.

Strategic advise for the European Market

budeso advises on the choice of legal entity, recruitment, logistics, regulatory compliance and best business practices in the industry.

Tax and legal advise

German and European laws prohibit us to advise on any legal or tax matters. That is why over a decade ago budeso partnered with a multilingual tax & legal company. Together we support our customers in tax and legal matters.