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Digital Marketing in Europe

Sales Outsourcing for Non-EU companies

Enter the European market successfully

For nearly 15 years, budeso has helped non-European companies enter the European market.

budeso is located in Germany, Europe’s largest and the world’s fourth-largest economy, and is the central location for all types of business in Europe.

Having a thorough understanding of the European market, the fine nuances in the business culture between European countries and a strong European network in a wide range of industries, we are your European strategic B2B sales outsourcing partner.

budeso offers non-European companies comprehensive sales and marketing services to enter the European market successfully. Our dedicated sales team along with our marketing team supports you in achieving your corporate goals, sales objectives and general expectations.

During our onboarding process we take the time to truly understand your requirements, products and services, your brand and corporate culture. Once completed we analyze the market to collect key factors including competitors, pricing, and sales channels. All gathered data flows into developing a customized sales and marketing entry strategy to navigate throughout the customer journey, generating leads and turning them into long-lasting customers.

Our sales and marketing team opens doors to many opportunities for your company while working seamlessly with your team.

budeso provides your company with a fully functional virtual office with a valid business address and phone number in Germany to have a true local presence. We translate and localize your brochures, flyers, and website to meet European standards.

In addition to our proven track record and expertise our services are typically significantly less expensive than hiring, training and managing a European sales and marketing team.

What to expect

  • Local market expertise and experience
  • Strong industry network
  • Identify target groups of customers
  • Develop solid growth and development strategy
  • Implement data-driven Digital Marketing to support sales development
  • Select appropriate sales methodologies
  • Open doors to promising opportunities
  • Lead Generation & Qualification (Nurturing/Scoring)
  • Upselling; cross-selling
  • Turn leads into loyal customers
  • Focus on brand and corporate identity/culture
  • Market analysis / research
  • Virtual sales office providing instant European presence (includes dedicated phone number and CRM system)